B2B Social Media Marketing Free eBook

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In early 2010, we published a whitepaper on Social Media for B2B Marketing. Twenty months on we review the field once again, this time in an eBook. Download it for free now (no pesky form to fill).

B2B Social Media Marketing Free eBook

Social Media for B2B Marketing e-book Cover
The biggest transformation over this period has been the uptick in the use of social media in B2B marketing, which has helped businesses reinforce their brands, reach out to their audience and engage them in unprecedented ways. But as social media gets more pervasive and folks get warier of accompanying privacy issues, it will only get tougher for marketers to engage effectively with and make an impact on their intended audience.

Download this eBook to find out:

  1. Why social media (to some, surprisingly) matters in B2B
  2. Practical steps to get started with social media for business, expanding on the ideas published in the Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business infographic.
  3. How to get cracking, monitor and measure results.
  4. How others are doing it.

As always we look forward to your comments, suggestions for improvement, and more success stories of social media in B2B. And do spread the word!

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