Infographic Cheat Sheet : Marketing Metrics That Matter

  • Anol

In a haze about heat maps, CTRs, bounce rate, CPCs, cost to sales, etc.? If you’re finding it difficult to grapple with marketing metrics and make sense of them in a way that does good to your business, this marketing metrics cheat sheet will help you be a Metrics Matador in no time.

Marketing Metrics

Marketers today often face an avalanche of data and numbers, with little to help them pick out what matters most to them and the business. We’ve put together this infographic covering key metrics covering web, email, social media and web advertising, so that you can grab them by the horns and ride the data bull to your intended outcomes. Let us know if you find it useful.

And like everything at B2Bento it’s published under a Creative Commons ShareAlike-Non-Commercial-Attribution license. Feel free to download, print, localise or repurpose – simply drop us a note.


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