account-based marketing

Adopt and scale up account-based marketing initiatives that drive leads, engagement and revenue. Get the help you need to plan and execute multi-dimensional, highly-personalised, and data-driven ABM campaigns that generate results.

As technology buying centres expand within organisations, and purchases take longer and become more complex, an increasing number of B2B marketers are turning to account-based marketing (ABM) strategies—with some estimating that 98 percent (2021 ABM Benchmark Survey, Demand Gen Report, p. 2) of companies are either using or planning to implement an ABM strategy.

ABM enables marketing and sales teams— jointly—to target, land and expand key accounts. It accomplishes this by uncovering specific challenges faced by targeted companies, mapping and aligning appropriate solutions, discovering key decision makers and influencers within accounts, and targeting them with tailored messaging that leverages the most impactful channels.

Done right, ABM programs can create unprecedented levels of brand loyalty, increase qualified leads, and accelerate marketing and sales pipelines, thereby boosting win rates, sales cycles, and customer experience. It improves ARPC (average revenue per customer), ARR (annual recurring revenue) by 34 percent (2021 ABM Benchmark Survey, Demand Gen Report, p. 16), and ACV (average contract value) by 21 percent (2021 ABM Benchmark Survey, Demand Gen Report, p. 16).

Our account-based marketing approach, typically, covers six stages.

ABM stage - Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

Define the objective and the scope of the account-based marketing initiative based on sales goals and existing go-to-market strategies. ABM flavours include One-to-Many, One-to-Few, and One-to-One, each of which have different requirements and fulfill different business needs.



Uncover and estimate gaps in six key areas to ensure you have all the information you need to build a successful account-based marketing strategy. These critical areas include Account Insight Gap, Brand Gap, Lead Gap, Influence Gap, Content Gap and Pipeline Acceleration Gap.

ABM stage - Account Selection and Intelligence

Account Selection and Intelligence

Generate a target list of accounts, and produce account profiles including install-base data, and next-purchase data. Uncover key cohorts including decision-makers and influencers across business and IT teams. Build comprehensive, in-depth research with GetIT’s Account Intelligence Dossier (AID) that reveals key business and IT challenges and aspirations.

ABM stage - Account Based Experience Platform with Folloze

Account Based Experience Platform with Folloze

Leverage Folloze’s Buyer Experience Platform to uncover buyer-centric account insights—based on intent, buyer stage, industry, use cases, and more—to more accurately create, customise, curate, and serve highly-relevant content to prospects across a more complex and multi-stakeholder purchase journey, while facilitating collaborative sales and marketing motions.

ABM stage - Craft Messaging

Craft Messaging

Establish a multi-layered personalised and customised messaging platform that is aligned to the specific goals of an account, business unit, or industry. Messaging matrices are based on pre-defined product/service-segments, detailed persona maps, and buying stages.

Activate Outreach

Activate Outreach

Employ purposeful channels to increase conversion across different stages of the buying cycle. Create awareness, influence buyers, generate leads, and build engagement with impactful and cost-effective outreach mechanisms including programmatic account-based advertising, digital nurturing channels and offline engagements such as demos, workshops, and events.

Monitor and Optimise

Monitor and Optimise

Measure ABM metrics closely including account and prospect engagement scores, and pipeline velocity. Close lead and content gaps, evaluate new channels and touchpoints, and adjust the campaign to expand lead numbers; boost conversion rates; and align to new business requirements and additional solution offerings.