With webinars being adopted as the de facto mode of regular marketing outreach, we provide an end-to-end offering covering pre-webinar, webinar production and post-webinar services.

pre-webinar activation

Pre-webinar Activation

  • Concept and design of content, scripting of talking points (supplemented by desk research where necessary)
  • Rehearsals with speakers
  • Technical checks
  • Recording and editing of playback content shown during webinar
  • Promotion: email, social media, paid and organic promotion
  • Platform: setup on client or GetIT webinar service platform, automated reminders
webinar service - production

Webinar Production

  • Technical moderation
  • Audience Hosting
  • Managing interactive polls and live Q&As
post-webinar service

Post-webinar Follow-up

  • Preparation of recorded content
  • Post-webinar eDMs (automated or planned)
  • Follow-through lead nurturing
  • Repurposing of webinar content (blogs, soundbites, short clips, etc.)