Empower and re-vitalise channel partners with marketing expertise, and ready-to-launch campaign kits. Arm your channels the capabilities they need to run sophisticated, data-driven marketing initiatives that generate qualified leads and accelerate marketing and sales pipelines.

Channels are an essential part of the B2B technology marketing and sales structure, and are often responsible for significant portions of an OEM’s or provider’s revenues.

But a sizable portion of channel partners need help marketing themselves and their services; a shortcoming that impacts their ability to generate leads and close sales. A majority of B2B leaders, 80 percent, say their channels are only somewhat effective or not very effective—directly affecting the revenues and market share of technology vendors (2021 Channel / Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey, Demand Gen Report, p. 8).

How can B2B technology marketing and sales teams help empower their channels with marketing expertise and secure future revenues? With our services, we can help partner organisations ramp up marketing and sales efforts—in terms of volume, variety, velocity, and maturity—swiftly and frictionlessly.

The Benefits of Channel Partner Marketing Services:

build partner brand and authority

Build Brand and Authority

With access to pre-built, multi-touch, content nurturing stacks—aligned to a variety of personas, industries, and stages of the buying journey—channel partner marketing teams will be able to differentiate their brands from the competition quickly and effectively, and boost prospect and customer engagement.

Galvanise campaigns

Galvanise Campaigns

Enhance the scale and the sophistication of marketing efforts for channel partner with ready-to-launch campaigns. Pre-defined kits—complete with assets, creatives, emailers, and lead-scoring and intent-scoring models—cut out complexity, enabling small teams to move quickly, effectively, and with certainty.

super charge pipelines

Supercharge Pipelines

Expand the number of qualified leads and accelerate sales cycles with highly personalised, and targeted marketing campaigns which provide solutions to customer problems. Our Channel Partner Marketing Services also help you direct leads to your partners with ease and monitor their progress.

accelerate time-to-value

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Leverage platform-driven channel partner marketing to build customisable, end-to-end campaigns swiftly, and cost-effectively. Our platform approach allows you to balance scale-enabling standardisation, with the tailored-messaging your partners need, ensuring channels can speed up outcomes and time-to-value.

modernise partner marketing

Modernise Partner Marketing

Give partners access to an agile, data-driven marketing stack. Help them create segmented campaigns that target new and existing customers and promote products, services, events, tools, or webinars; expand multi-channel strategies; or deploy account-based marketing.