GetIT is now a Hotwire company

  • Asuthosh

About twenty years back, some of us joined GetIT, then a “multimedia” house, knowing little else other than to parlay our knowledge of the tech domain, and understanding of tech solutions into the then unheard niche of B2B marketing for tech and telco companies.

Call it happenstance or a collusion of fates, the bunch of geeks, nerds and all-round misfits that we were, ended up leading that charge – on the back of amazing clients who trusted us with your babies, mates who stood by the team through the best and worst of days, partners because of whom we could offer more than what would be expected from a team of our size, and angel investors whose wisdom and guidance eased us past many a hurdle.

And yet, we knew we could do better by our clients if we had the necessary scale and broader capabilities. So, when Enero Group presented us the opportunity to be part of Hotwire, we knew we had to take it. By joining Hotwire, we are now able to extend our offerings into brand strategy, reputation management and public relations for high-growth and innovative technologies companies in Asia Pacific, many of whom we already serve.

Like GetIT, Hotwire’s methodology is underpinned by robust insight and strategy, purposeful creative, integrated planning and a core emphasis on measurement and evaluation, which affirms our belief that this is the right step for GetIT.

Importantly, what does this mean for our clients? More of what matters most. We are now better equipped to help you deliver revenue growth on a larger scale, build business-impacting stakeholder relationships, and navigate complex reputation issues. We know you expect consistency and continuity, and all of us at GetIT remain in our respective roles to meet your needs as we move forward together with Hotwire.

For our team members, this is levelling up like never before. Flex our palms to work on broader marketing and communications briefs. Lean in and learn how to ignite curiosity, spark action and fuel success from some of the best global talent in the space, amidst an unmatched working experience.

Thanks to all who believed in us. We remain that small team committed to creating huge results that make IT matter.

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