B2B Conversations: Happy Marketer, Part 2 – Video

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Here’s Part Two of B2Bento’s nine-part exclusive interview with Prantik Mazumdar, Rachit Dayal, and David Liem of SEO & Social Media agency Happy Marketer.

In Part One, we talked about SEO and SEM and what it holds for marketers in Singapore. Read on as the conversation turns to video and how it comes into play.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this interview are the personal views of the interviewees and and do not necessarily represent the philosophies or viewpoints of their organization or clients.

 (Anol Bhattacharya – AB, Prantik Mazumdar – PM, Rachit Dayal – RD, and David Liem – DL)

AB: The search display is changing the whole game. Video is coming up in the first page and represents a different type of content where this meta-data and stuff like that where people are still seriously banging their head on, it doesn’t make any sense any more.

What are the changes coming up on bringing video into the search algorithm? How is video changing search and SEM SEO?

DL: I’m just thinking back on a typical day that we go to work. We go to work on the MRT or we’re on the bus. We’ve got nothing to do. A lot of times, I’ll just look around at people watching videos or on Facebook.

That is really how people are consuming the content. That’s what is keeping their minds busy, and the great thing about video is it really keeps your mind busy and you’re engaged for those 2-3 minutes with them. So it really presents a very powerful tool to let some information sink really deep into the audience’s minds and Google has recognized this.

That’s why you see the search results having video first and I think what people have to realize now is that just bring more content on online even if it’s very simple.

What people are looking for is something they can see for 30 seconds or 1 minute and its not that difficult to do at all.  You can do it internally. You can do it with very modest budgets and it should be something that you do regularly and I think that’s what people have to realize.

PM: Coming back to the video aspect I think, from a search perspective, what people fail to realize or maybe it’s a well-kept secret is that YouTube after Google is the second largest search engine. There are huge search volumes happening on YouTube in itself.

So I think a lot of focus needs to go as David said, create good content regularly but also optimize those videos on your YouTube channel and you can tag those videos, have a lot of optimization done on your YouTube channels. You can think of advertising on YouTube as well – pre-roll or mastheads etc.

People need to consider that, look, it’s not just about putting out good content but making it searchable and findable.

RD: The fundamentals haven’t changed all that much. You still need to be keyword focused. It still needs to be engaging and in fact most people don’t know you can embed it on your site and drive traffic to your site and that can also show up as a video result.

So that whole idea of just satisfying the users with just interesting content, that doesn’t really change the fundamentals. It’s just a new format.

Coming soon: Part Three of B2Bento’s exchange with Happy Marketer, where we move on to the subject of social media.


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