B2Bento Year in Review 2012

  • Asuthosh

2012 saw several advances made in B2B marketing. B2Bento surveyed some of these and we feature a selection of our best from the year.  Thanks to all who tune in to us. Here’s to a superb 2013!

Infographic Cheat Sheet: Marketing Metrics That Matter

If you’re finding it difficult to make sense of marketing metrics in a business context, this infographic cheat sheet will help you be a Metrics Matador in no time.

7 Habits of Hightly Defective Marketers

Marketers are a strange breed with quirks that are distinctly ours. We take a tongue-in-cheek look at 7 habits of highly defective marketers.


“Attention, Interest, Decision, Action” – four words that are the secret sauce to high converting copy.

Crisis in B2B Marketing Leadership and 5 Steps to Get Back on Course

90% of the time, B2B marketing fails because of lack of leadership. Here are 5 steps to change things around.

5 Basic Steps to Improve Qualified Lead Generation

Common sense is rare in the realm of B2B marketing. We look at 5 basic ways to improve your marketing campaigns to generate more qualified leads.

4 Steps to Effective Personal Knowledge Management for B2B Marketers

An effective personal knowledge management strategy is key to keeping up with the incessant flow of new information and knowledge, and remain relevant in the future.

Marketing at Crossroads: The Shift from Traditional to Digital

A three-part interview with two leading marketeers in Singapore on the key issues and challenges facing marketing today.

6 Lessons for Marketers from an Unlikely Source

Design thinking can teach a thing or two about effective and results-driven marketing.


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