Improve 5 things in 60 minutes: Better B2B marketing with LinkedIn

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Although Facebook is dominating the mainstream numbers game of user base, LinkedIn is still the leader in serious business networking. You can use LinkedIn in 101 ways for your B2B marketing, but in 1 hour what can you do to improve your presence and better market your B2B product or service?

Improve LinkedIn in 60 min

1. Update your profile with current information. Most LinkedIn users do not update their profile on regular basis. You might be missing valuable networking opportunities with the outdated information on your profile page. Focus on the ‘Summary’ part – be precise and to the point. Treat the ‘Specialties’ as your meta keyword terms for better find-ability with search.

2. Connect social channels: Sync your Twitter account. If you are twittering about multiple, random or personal things along with contextual tweets, better to keep the settings as “Share only tweets that contain #in”. Add the WordPress/ Typepad Blog Link application to sync your blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. Upload your corporate presentation or product demo slide-set at Slideshare and add the Slideshare account in your profile. Use to upload white papers etc. and link to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Update your company profile. Clean up the ‘Description’, ‘Specialties’ section, double check address, phone numbers and email id. Add in the blog details. If an ex-employee shows up in the ‘Current Employees’ list, and you can’t ask him / her to update their profile, go to the ‘Ask Customer Service‘ and provide LinkedIn the following information:

A screenshot of your Company Profile landing page displaying the person’s name in question.
In your message to LinkedIn, identify the full name appearing on the landing page that you feel should be removed.

4. Search for relevant groups and join them. Find specific Groups by using industry keywords in your search. Look for Groups that seem to have a good fit with the industry you’re targeting and see if your prospective clients or partners are members of that group. Start leaving contextual comments in the group discussion. LinkedIn Groups are great places where you can find prospects, partners and like-minded people to network with.

5. Answer questions. Browse ‘Open Questions’ in the categories of your expertise and start answering few questions you are confident about. LinkedIn Answers not only establishes your expert status, but is another great focused networking tool.

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