State of Marketing 2011 – Survey Results

  • Asuthosh

We are back again with the annual State of Marketing Singapore Industry Report 2011. We look at the state of marketing in Singapore today and how marketing strategies and tactics have changed since the survey done in 2010. View/download the full survey report from Slide Share.


Some highlights from the report:

  • More Enterprise-level companies responded and 42% had marketing-specific roles with 24% being from upper management and C-level executives, making the survey findings generally reflective of the companies’ marketing outlook and strategic direction.
  • A majority reported an increase in their marketing budgets, with 66% revealing specific rise in their budgets for social media and interactive digital media marketing.


  • Facebook remains king among social networks. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube turned in higher adoption rates.


Social Media

  • While most companies are using social media for brand and product awareness, customer engagement and lead generation are getting popular among companies. 83% of respondents agree that social media is effective for marketing.
  • More respondents manage social media efforts in-house, though a significant minority continue to outsource aspects of their social media marketing.

Companies are changing the way they market to fit the evolving marketing landscape. Social media has obtained a much higher level of importance in companies’ marketing strategies and many are also exploring other uses of social media, such as lead nurturing and thought leadership. However, even with the increasing trend of adopting social media marketing, traditional marketing and SEM is still very relevant today.

View/download the State of Marketing 2011 Singapore Industry Report now and get all the details, with charts and original graphics by the B2Bento team. We welcome your comments, observations and suggestions for future surveys. Do chime in below!


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