Marketing Metrics That Matter: Interactive Cheat Sheet

  • Chester

Web, email, social media – everything is measurable to a marketer these days, so can you say information overload? How do you know which of all those metrics mean business for your business?

In August 2012, we published Marketing Metrics That Matter, a infographic/cheat sheet/capsule art piece to guide you in picking out the useful needles from the data haystack.

We hope you found it a big help! And now, a year and a half later, the time has come to breathe new life into it as an interactive infographic – we call it the Mario Bros. Edition.

No coins to insert, we promise. Just let your footsteps (well, your arrow keys) lead you on a journey through the underground of marketing knowledge brought to life.

Head on over to Interactive Metrics That Matter now!

Marketing Metrics

Once again, like everything at B2Bento it’s published under a Creative Commons ShareAlike-Non-Commercial-Attribution license. Feel free to repurpose – simply drop us a note.

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