GetIT Comms selects Meltwater Group to mine for social media gold

  • Jeremy Tarrier

Singapore, April 27, 2012, – GetIT Comms has today announced its strategic relationship with Meltwater Buzz, a social media intelligence and marketing platform, part of Meltwater Group, a global digital intelligence and marketing solutions provider. Established in 1997, GetIT Comms has more than a decade of experience in delivering innovative marketing & communication solutions to major corporations using interactive digital media (IDM) and social media.

“We’re delighted to enter into this relationship in what is an exciting and rapidly developing region.  Singapore is fast becoming a digital hub in Asia and GetIT is right at the heart of this,” says Mimrah Mahmood, Area Director, Meltwater Buzz APAC.  “GetIT has an excellent reputation in the market and we’re delighted to help them enhance their interactive digital media and social media capabilities, particularly following our selection by Facebook as a member of their Preferred Marketing Developer Program.”

“This represents an evolution of our relationship with Meltwater,” says Anol Bhattacharya, CEO of GetIT Comms. “Our team has been working with Meltwater Buzz on recent campaigns with some impressive results. The platform’s extensive social media monitoring capabilities help us mine conversations across social channels for nuggets of insight that we can use to create new strategies, engage new customers and drive the success of our business.”

Meltwater Buzz Dashboard

Meltwater Buzz constantly searches through over 200 million sources and finds all the relevant social conversations about your product, your brand, your market and even your competition. The social media tool then analyzes all those conversations and gives you insight into the underlying themes, sentiment, influencers and trends that are happening in conversations across social networks both today and over time.

“This relationship enables us to do what we do even better, ” says Bhattacharya. “And that’s combining our expertise and services, with the best social marketing suite, to deliver a powerful, cost-effective solution to our customers. It’s helping our customers realize the true potential of social media, and helping us move the conversation from social media being a mere afterthought, to being a key component of our customers’ marketing initiatives.”

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