B2B Marketing Talent – Where are they hiding? [#B2BChat: Aug 16th at 8 pm, EST]

  • Anol

The scope, domain and form of marketing are ever-changing, and rapidly at that. The “preferred” skill set for marketers are perpetually shifting and defying paradigms. The next generation marketer needs to be just as familiar with marketing as with technology.

This week’s #B2BChat focuses on this unique breed of marketing ‘technologists’. We discuss:

  1. Whether the talent pool required to drive the new age of technology-driven digital marketing is drying up and why
  2. The basic technologies, tools and skills that a B2B marketer today must be familiar with,
  3. Some of the “golden rules” of talent acquisition for marketing – what to look out for and what are the red flags
  4. The resources, e.g. blogs, podcasts, books, etc., that are available to the next generation of marketers
  5. Advice for those who want to be next generation marketers

B2BChat Join us as we talk about Marketing to Partners and Distributors in this week’s #B2BChat – Thursday, August 16th at 5 pm, PST / 8 pm, EST.

Suggested ways of participating: via hashtag #B2BChat using your favourite Twitter client; or at tweetchat.com using #B2BChat. Follow @B2B_Chat for more updates.



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