Content strategy to drive revenue pipeline – Webinar

  • Anol

We are conducting a webinar on:
‘Content strategy to drive revenue pipeline’

Date: 10 March 2021, Wednesday |  Time: 10:00 am SGT
If you are interested please register here

Content is often viewed as a “Marketing” activity. Lots of it are produced (often without any clear strategy), pushed down to Sales, and just as promptly, set aside.

The pandemic has turned tables, and how. With in-person meetings curtailed and 70% of the buying decision formed before even a first sales meeting, Sales now need an abundance of carefully programmed materials to effectively power through online conversations at every stage of the buying cycle.

This is where Marketing steps into craft content that directly reflects the business’s ability to develop cohesive, integrated value.

Join us in this webinar where we discuss both the art and craft of creating compelling content that while providing air cover for demand generation, also adds to the arsenal that moves the needle for Sales.

We will cover:

  • Types of content most suited to stages in the buying cycle
  • How to tailor content to the sales channel
  • How Marketing and Sales can join forces to secure pipeline in times of remote work and minimal in-person interactions.


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