Best of B2Bento 2011

  • Asuthosh

2011 Year in Review

The first year of this decade is about to bid us adieu. Time for work to wind down (ever so slightly at least) and festivities to take centre stage. Friends and family get together to forget misgivings and forge relationships anew. We take stock of accomplishments past, take charge of new responsibilities and set new expectations for the year ahead. Yes, it’s that kinda time.

B2Bento’s had an eventful year (quite literally). Beginning with Click Asia Summit 2011 in Mumbai and finishing off with SES Singapore, we’ve had the pleasure of covering several leading marketing events in the region through live blogs, field reports and event recaps. Check out the condensed versions of Click Asia Summit and SES Singapore, and pick up tips on how to be at the leading edge of marketing in this region.

We published the second edition (or v2.0) of our e-book, Social Media Marketing for B2B Marketing, and produced the second in a line of well-reviewed infographics: Lead Nurturing in Plain English. And inspired by RSA Animate we flexed our creative muscles with the Social Media for Business INKAST.

We revealed the secret sauce of dishing out  killer case studies and shared our own tales from the trenches.

Continuing our tradition of “what-the!” juxtapositions, we concocted 10 marketing lessons from the Beat Generation. And helped equip marketers and marketing technologists with a couple of tools and resources. And doled out some guidance while we were at it.

Thanks to all who chimed in with comments and feedback, and avidly followed our live blogs and Twitter feed. Your words of encouragement are highly appreciated. To our #B2BChat padres, thanks for your seasoned insight, ready wit and eye-opening ideas.

We admit we weren’t as prolific as we set out to be at the beginning of the year. We will do better in 2012. Till then, happy holidays!

(Yes, we are conspicuously avoiding predictions. For that go here, and here.)


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