SiTF Social Media Marketing Workshop P2: Benjamin Koe

  • Marco

Judging from all the great monitoring tools available out there in the competitive market, it’s obvious that metrics in social media has taken off and is consistently getting better as time goes by. So it’s also no surprise that whenever there is talk about the intersection of social media and business, metrics will always pop up somewhere amidst the conversation.

The recently concluded Social Media Workshop (helmed by SiTF in partnership with GetIT Comms and Tata Communications) showed just that as Benjamin Koe from JamiQ stepped up to the plate to shed some light on monitoring and measuring social media. JamiQ is a professional social media monitoring and measurement solution aimed at providing the largest coverage in any language.

Check out the video of Ben as he discussed several case studies and how metrics, with proper and logical analysis, can play a vital role to your whole social media campaign.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video are the personal views of the interviewee and and do not necessarily represent the philosophy or viewpoints of their organization or clients.

Ben’s talk, with the case studies and all, presented us with a big and clear snapshot of how various companies (mostly based in Singapore) have conducted their social media campaigns and how their different styles and approaches have spelled various results ranging from the significantly positive to the utterly disastrous . He also showed how real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, influence scoring and market segmentation can give the critical insights needed for immediate and strategic decision-making.

Having the ability to gather, analyse and interpret data from social media is only going to get more important as the reach of it gets wider every day. More and more aspects of our lives are seeing social media integration in one form or the other and we must be able to capitalise on that. That is just something that we have to accept and adapt to if we are to stay at the top of our game.

Any other thoughts about social media and metrics that you would like to share? We would love to hear about that.


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