SAS is a leader in business analytics and intelligence software, which is used to help organisations use data to make better decisions. GetIT supported SAS with building demand and generating leads for their BI and data management software and services.

GetIT helped create a content brand, independent of the SAS corporate website. The data-driven digital campaign was anchored by a dedicated website - The Future of Analytics.


SAS Content Hub

The SAS content hub – is a repository of free, agnostic content on big data, analytics and data management. These articles and e-Books provide vendor-neutral perspectives and insights to mitigate key concerns around enterprise analytics.

We highlighted analyst predictions from leaders such as IDC, to help decision makers develop or revise their long-term big data and analytics strategy. This positioned SAS as a trusted advisor and cement their relationship with the target audience.

The campaign was delivered across multiple channels and devices. Each step was grounded in verifiable, unbiased facts and figures, which greatly reduced uncertainty and eliminated guesswork.

The following functions enhanced the benefits of the content hub, creating a powerful lead generation campaign.

  • Marketing Automation to Personalize User Experience
  • Lead Scoring to Qualify Leads
  • Virtual Seminars Using On24 Platform
  • On-The-Fly A/B Testing
  • Google Analytics to Determine ROI
  • Attribution Modelling to Determine the Outreach
  • LinkedIn InMail and Display Ads
  • GDN Retargeting for More Conversions
  • Tech Publication Rental Database


The Future of Analytics generated 7,316 leads which were nurtured constantly and provided SAS with measurable content engagement, and interest-based prospect segmentation.

By using analytics, constant optimisation and digital marketing technologies, the campaign combined to give SAS a boost in conversion rates in addition to a significant decrease in lead acquisition cost.