G-Technology’s roots are deeply ingrained in delivering premium storage solutions that offer style and reliability for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market. The company worked with GetIT Comms to connect with production houses and creative professionals in Asia and Australia.

The objective was to position G-Technology as a brand for organization and professionals who appreciate the value and importance of reliable storage for their work. The campaign was led by social media and themed around educating, inspiring and showcasing the creativity of G-Technology’s professional community.


G-Technology Facebook Page

GetIT Comms launched the G-Technology Facebook Page as the primary engagement platform to connect with production houses and creative professionals.

Information and Education
More than 80% of content on G-Technology’s facebook page comprises agnostic material such as product reviews, news and opinion pieces providing incredible value to the professionals.


The G-STREET Contest invited creative professionals to share their best work and have industry peers, their cohort and extended networks to vote on the best submission and for a community.

Influencer Marketing
Eminent street photographers Tamara Voninski and Misho Baranovic provided feedback and also judge the contest entries. The brand association bolstered G-Technology’s reputation.

Offline Channels
Offline channels such as exhibitions, workshops and referral marketing bridged the physical and digital space while amplifying the social media outreach.

The winning entries — both judges’ choices and popular votes — were exhibited at a eminent art gallery in the heart of Melbourne. This was a big hit with the professional community.

We used workshops by eminent industry personalities on photography, videography and other creative fields. This created tangible experiences that complemented the social media campaign.

We created a chatbots to provide automated responses to guide users into furnishing us with their details, and leading them to discover G-Technology products that fits their needs.


With this campaign, GetIT Comms created an entire community of passionate, creative individuals loyal to G-Technology.

  • 16% revenue growth y-to-y, in a commodity market
  • More than 15K fans
  • 432 people reached
  • Maximum post engagement of more than 21K