Avaya is a global leader of the communications experience space. It provides enterprises with communications enablement, through a complete portfolio of software and services for multi-touch contact centres and unified communications offered on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid models.

While Avaya is focused on mainly communications solutions, the primary story it wants to tell its customers is that of digital transformation—and the various benefits that digital transformation through advanced communications technology could bring.

The main objective of this campaign, is then to position Avaya as a thought leader on the digital transformation movement that is sweeping across the globe. As a global player in the communications solutions market, Avaya needed the campaign to span across the nine major verticals it has interests in.

Tangible deliverables would be to generate highly actionable leads, and deep insight into these leads.


Experience Avaya Digital Transformation Content Hub

Being a thought leader meant that Avaya had to be the source of content that customers can use to shape their digital transformation journey. To achieve this, we created the “Experience Avaya” thought leadership content hub. The hub is focused on educating the prospect through an “always-on,” data-driven, content-led experience—and delivered across multiple channels, devices and countries.

This content hub is a multi-layered solution that solves multiple problems at one go, and contains:

  • A dynamic benchmarking survey that helps customers gauge the progress and efficacy of their digital transformation journey at that point in time.
  • Premium content that comprises IDC customer research, whitepapers and branded eBooks.
  • Easy to comprehend slideshares, visual explainers on digital transformation.
  • Avaya case studies and use case videos that feature specific verticals.


The Avaya digital transformation campaign generated more than US$11m in influenced opportunities throughout the APAC region. This resulted in a source funnel of US$2.5m for Avaya, and achieved an RoI of US$31.25 for every US$1 invested.

On top of the immediately quantifiable results, Avaya was also able to obtain key insights into the customer. By using marketing automation, Avaya was able to capture the entire customer journey and find the process what works best. We were also able to pinpoint the customers’ micro-moments through in-depth analysis, and act on them quickly and decisively.

The success of the campaign led to the project being deployed in key markets outside of APAC, namely the US and EMEA markets. The campaign was also further extended to individual verticals for more effective results.