Lenovo Data Centre Group (DCG) is Lenovo’s enterprise division that focuses on next-generation data centre solutions (hardware and software). They are a relatively new player in the market, but have ambitions of becoming “#1 in the data centre space,” mirroring their position in the PC market. As the main agency for Lenovo DCG (APAC), GetIT Comms was tasked with managing the group’s major marketing and lead generation efforts in the region.

As a new player in the market, Lenovo DCG had to generate a large number of high quality leads in a relatively short time frame. To accomplish this, GetIT conceptualised a campaign, never before seen in the region.

The result? Think CIO, an invite-only content hub which only the top CIOs in the region are allowed to join. However, ensuring the hub’s success required a large number of digital tools for targeting CIOs within the region with pinpoint accuracy.


Think CIO Content Hub

It was the first of its kind in the region, and addresses the needs of APAC CIOs. As we wanted to target and nurture a very specific group of people, membership into the hub was by invitation-only, and extended only to CIOs.

The Think CIO content hub was an ambitious project.

The hub features content and activities designed to encourage recurring engagement from the members. The site is regularly populated with brand-neutral, thought leadership articles (and videos) straight from Lenovo DCG’s top solutions experts, premium branded ebooks, and premium third-party whitepapers from leading research institutions like Gartner and IDC.

Besides thought-provoking technology content, Think CIO also features career enrichment activities—career advice webinars, etc…—for our members. CIOs are also feature regularly on the platform, where they can showcase their latest achievements and contributions to the enterprise technology industry.


Due to its unique position and proposition, Think CIO was able to count almost 300 of the region’s top CIOs as members.

Having high-profile members from some of the region’s leading enterprises meant that Lenovo DCG’s reputation was able to gain significant traction.

APAC CIO perception towards Lenovo DCG has improved, and they are aware of Lenovo’s suite of future-defined data centre solutions. An unforeseen benefit was that Think CIO also allowed for the identification of other ITDMs within our members’ organisation, which can be extremely useful for future campaigns.