Akamai is one of the world’s largest, most trusted cloud delivery platforms. Organisations across the globe use their products and services, to securely deliver more than 95 exabytes of data to billions of devices every year.

As a top distributed platform operator, Akamai is heavily invested in securing their customers’ digital businesses. For this campaign, GetIT help Akamai spread awareness of its superior security capabilities, get insight into its customers security maturity, and generate high quality leads.


From Akamai’s point of view, organisations are always exposed to cyber threats. However, they want their customers to know how exposed they actually are, versus how exposed they think they are.

With the Akamai Security Survey, Akamai was able to ask deep, probing security questions that gets ITDMs and BDMs to realize that their environment isn’t as safe as they thought.

Every answer has a score attached to it. This allows us to have an incredibly clear picture of the user’s security maturity levels, and the gaps where Akamai can cover with their solutions.

After the survey is completed, surveyees are presented with a summarised report that highlights the gaps in their security strategy. This summarised report is interactive, and automatically generated according to the users’ security maturity levels (low, mid, high).

To help users understand Akamai’s expertise in this area, users are also given effective recommendations on how they can close their security gaps. If the users is interested in taking the conversation to the next level, they were able to download an in-depth guide on how they can lower their risk exposure.

The campaign was delivered through a micro-site hosted on CIO.com, a premium technology resource for ITDMs across the APAC region.


This approach allows Akamai to gather highly qualified leads, and gain unprecedented insight into their needs. This allows Akamai’s sales teams to study their prospects closely, and create precise solutions that their customers need.