The client is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. They had developed an EMM solution that integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

The company wanted to create brand awareness and increase sales of its EMM solution by targeting CIOs, CDOs, CISOs, IT-DMs, sales heads, and customer experience leaders in both specific high-profile accounts in the BFSI, healthcare, telecom and pharma sectors, and across verticals.

As a player in a fiercely competitive EMM market in India, the client had to generate high quality leads quickly and cost-effectively. To accomplish this, GetIT conceptualised a two-pronged content marketing strategy. In order to target focused accounts, GetIT suggested an ABM (account-based marketing) campaign to generate leads and facilitate meetings between prospects and the client.

To generate leads and create awareness across verticals and organizations that have over 1000 employees, GetIT suggested a drip campaign.

Both campaigns ran parallelly to ensure the client gets a healthy mix of leads from both targeted accounts and un-named accounts.


Digital Workspace One Hub

The ABM and drip campaigns hinged on a powerful and engaging content hub that was built from scratch to create awareness, engagement, and brand recall.

The drip campaign was devised as a three-month, nine-touch point campaign to generate free trials and facilitate meetings between prospects and the client’s sales team, along with creating brand awareness. A gated premium asset was created to evoke interest among prospects which was then followed by a series of nurturing newsletters. Numerous articles, infographics, whitepapers, and videos were created in the content hub to increase engagement and nurture prospects.

The ABM campaign strategy centered on 220 high-profile key accounts in the BFSI, telecom, pharma and healthcare sectors. GetIT mapped out and created a DB of prospects (based on target persona). GetIT also created highly personalised content specific to the challenges of each persona and industry. The prospects were nurtured with a series of newsletters that facilitated sales opportunities in terms of free trials, POCs, and meeting requests for the client.


This two-pronged approach helped the client create awareness and generate leads from both targeted accounts and industries, plus un-named accounts, thereby touching a large swathe of prospects.

The ABM strategy with personalised content specific to industry and persona enabled the client to connect with 20 sales-qualified leads that were a mix of POCs, free trials, meeting requests, and content engagement in three months. It also generated 52 marketing qualified leads that increased the sales pipeline.

The drip campaign provided the client with over 70 marketing qualified leads and 26 sales qualified leads in three months. Overall, the campaign met the objectives and expectations of the client and increased brand awareness, facilitated engagement, and enabled brand recall.