One of the world’s largest software companies wanted to target 400 key accounts in India for its Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions delivered on a cloud platform. These 400 accounts were split across two specific verticals — manufacturing and finance. GetIT was asked to:

  • Build awareness about these technologies and solutions
  • Educate about how the client was best positioned to deliver these solutions
  • Generate sales-ready leads

Solutions like AI and IoT are relatively new and awareness levels around these technologies is quite low among Indian enterprises. Besides, the buying cycle for these technologies is complex and includes multiple stakeholders within an organization, including business heads and line of business leaders — and not just IT heads.

GetIT developed a unique neutral content hub powered by a real-time dynamic content personalization engine to help business, functional, and IT leaders from the manufacturing and finance industries to improve their understanding around these technologies, educate them about how these solutions can help their business, and show them how the client was best positioned to deliver these solutions.


1. A Neutral Content Hub Powered by Real-Time Dynamic Content Personalization

A neutral content hub with articles addressing the various challenges of the prospects was created, curated, and repurposed. Special emphasis was put in creating and curating content around business use cases of these technologies, business benefits of these technologies, and real-life implementations. The content was adapted for all the various combinations of target personas and micro-industry segments. A content personalization engine was created to personalize every piece of content for each unique combination of persona and micro-industry.

A Content Hub Powered by Real-Time Dynamic Personalization

2. Personalized Nurturing Newsletters

A verified database of identified prospects from within the targeted set of accounts with their contact details was created and their opt-in was acquired. A fortnightly nurturing newsletter with content personalized based on a prospect’s persona and industry was sent to each prospect to improve recall and boost traffic to the content hub. The newsletter content for each prospect was personalized with specific messaging tailored to address their individual needs depending on the persona and micro-industry.

3. Digitally Enabling Prospects to Contact Dedicated Account Manager

A real-time, dynamic, and personalized push from within the content hub was created which allowed the prospect to contact the dedicated Account Manager assigned to the prospect’s organization. Message positioning the account manager as a solution expert and can help the prospect’s company in solving key challenges was created.


The unique personalized content marketing campaign was designed and orchestrated to take the prospects through the complete journey — from awareness to education to conversion — with high levels of personalization and low levels of friction.

The content marketing plan by GetIT enabled the client to:
Create awareness about AI, IoT, and real-time analytics in the 400 key named accounts and how these technologies can benefit these organizations.

Positioned the client as a leader in these new emerging technologies.
Engage with key customers throughout their buying journey.
Target multiple stakeholders comprising decision makers and decision influencers within each key account.

  • 38% of the accounts were converted as MRLs
  • 60% conversion of MRLs into SRLs
  • 12% of the SRLs were converted