Nurture Leads

  • Jaspreet

B2B Marketers’  want to leave behind the 2009 downturn and want to take charge of the new year. One thing we definitely must plan  in our marketing strategy is to maximize on the conversion of leads.

So how? As they say in Singapore! Especially in  B2B Marketing  Strategies – Lead nurturing is a an important part in conversion of leads. As most of the new leads are not  yet ready to engage with a sales call or sales pitch. Its is inevitable for any organization to nurture them and to develop them in a  long term relationship. Lead nurturing  is the road for building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the aim of earning their business when they are ready.

The buying process has also evolved and prospective clients are doing their own independent research and obtaining their own information. Thus the role of marketing changes; instead of generating the lead and moving on, today’s marketers must align their marketing throughout the buying process, providing potential buyers with high quality content that is contextually relevant and is responsive to their situation.

Take a look at The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing  from Marketo. They have outlined  the importance of lead nurturing and an insight into the basics to the advance level nurturing strategies and also how do you prove the ROI of lead nurturing in your own organization.


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February 26, 2019

Radon Media

I am completely agreed with you that lead nurturing is an important part in conversion of leads and it is inevitable for any organization to nurture, convert and maintain long term relationship with the prospect.

January 10, 2010


Nice post and thank for pointing out the awesome whitepaper from Marketo.It's a common mistake (and a suicidal one) committed by B2B marketer especially in Asia, most of the marketing effort is dedicated for demand generation and almost no emphasis on Lead Nurturing. On the other hand, the common KPI's, against which the B2B marketers are held responsible - foster such behavioral pattern. Unless and until Marcomm and Sales learns to work together towards a common goal, Lead nurturing will remain it's position as just a buzzword in marketing lingo. Cheers!