#B2BChat: Back to the basics: The B2B Website and Web Analytics

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UPDATE December 24, 2010:
#B2BChat December 23, 2010 Transcript

As a new year dawns, B2B marketers are championing the idea of returning to the basics of B2B marketing. Managing websites, landing pages, email marketing etc., using a scientific approach will gain importance.

B2BChatTools for analytics will get better leading to a better grasp on how things measure and how we use those metrics to our advantage. B2B websites are continually evolving and that’s why B2B Marketers need to keep serious tabs on everything that’s going on. One thing that won’t change though is that in the B2B sales process, the length of the buying cycle only serves to complicate measurement and monitoring in terms of what happens between online activities on your website to the offline decision to purchase. Going back to tried and tested scientific methodologies can help in the challenge to harness website analytics in working towards your marketing goals.

In this week’s #B2BChat, we will discuss predictions for B2B websites and the evolving role that web analytics play.

Key discussion points:

  1. What is the most strategic transformation that you have witnessed for B2B web presence in last couple of years?
  2. What are your predictions for how B2B websites will evolve for the next 1-5 years?
  3. How does lead generation and lead nurturing integrate with your site? (E.g., landing pages, AB testing, etc.)
  4. Name key metrics for B2B web Analytics.
  5. What are available tools for web Analytics? Any tips for B2B Marketers?

Join us for this week’s #B2Bchat on Back to the basics: The B2B website and web analytics, Thursday, December 23, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). Follow @B2B_chat for updates.


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