eBook – 2021 Predictions for APAC B2B IT and Telco Marketing

  • Sunil ShahSunil Shah

2020 has been, by all accounts, a traumatic year. But as vaccines start being distributed and COVID-19 passports become the norm, business optimism is bouncing back, faster in some parts of the B2B technology space, slower in others. Already, a third of B2B marketers are reporting that they’ll meet their original 2020 KPIs.

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eBook - Predictions for APAC B2B IT and Telco Marketing

As marketers take on 2021 with renewed vigour, it’s important to take a step back and assess how best to channelize all that energy to create the best outcomes for businesses, marketing teams, customers, and society.

So at GetIT, we decided to end 2020 by putting our virtual heads together, gathering our collective wisdom (over some rather noisy Google Meet calls) and re-evaluate the year that went by. Our aim was to situate it within
a longer historical arc and then draw trendlines for what’s likely to come in the future. The aim was to look at the overall B2B technology marketing picture and get a sense of what’s likely to take place, and what’s not.

We decided to share some of those ideas in the hope that it would help our community of B2B technology marketers decide which marketing areas and agendas to accelerate, which to throttle, and which pitfalls to watch out for.

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We hope that you find it useful. Have a great 2021!


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