TM ONE is the business-to-business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), the largest telecommunications provider in Malaysia. As a GLC with the legacy of being a traditional telco, TM ONE needed to change the perception, among enterprise buyers, that it offered only connectivity solutions. It needed to create awareness and generate leads for its hybrid multi-cloud and data centre services, cybersecurity stack, and IoT solutions, among others. It also needed to demonstrate that it was a partner that organisations could trust with digital transformation initiatives.

Historically, TM ONE relied on face-to-face marketing activities such as events, workshops and presentations as primary channels for brand building and lead generation. TM ONE wanted to rethink its use of traditional B2B marketing strategies and leverage digital channels to achieve its objectives.

TM ONE approached GetIT to help it meet its business objectives, while simultaneously modernising its marketing to create a more digital, data-driven, always-on, and outcome-driven organisation.


To start, GetIT produced desk research, and market research reports in conjunction with IDC, that delved deeply into the challenges each of its target industries faced, the opportunities those represented for TM ONE, and broad technology trends and adoption directions. GetIT then ran a series of workshops, such as Brand Identity Map, with TM ONE, to hone its positioning and create a messaging framework.

Combined, these laid the foundation for a strategic roadmap, and the groundwork for an integrated marketing initiative. The latter consisted of a new brand campaign, a website revamp, and product-level campaigns, leveraging a content-based, lead generation and lead nurturing strategy. It also included taking its signature event, LEAP Summit, online.

The brand campaign was executed across print, digital and DOOH; and has been re-launched every quarter. The website revamp re-positioned TM ONE, better surfaced its offerings and tied them to business outcomes, and provided depth to its strategic solutions. It entailed a grounds-up re-design of TM ONE’s existing website, involving changes to the information architecture, visual language, and copy.

The segmented, multi-touch, product-level campaigns required creating detailed persona maps and touchpoint maps, bringing together content and outreach platforms into a single plan.

This was followed by creating a host of assets—including ebooks, infographics, checklists, and sales decks, among others—setting up lead scoring and outreach platforms, cleaning existing databases, and harmonizing marketing technology stacks.

The integrated campaign was monitored and tracked leveraging a purpose-built dashboard that piped data from multiple sources, including the website, TM ONE’s CRM solutions, and media and ad platforms. It offered a centralised and granular view of multiple metrics including lead numbers, prospect profiles, media performance, cost per conversion, and contract value from leads generated.


The integrated campaign produced significant results. According to TM ONE’s quarterly brand health tracker report, it improved its positioning across multiple dimensions. A full 60% of its customers now think that TM ONE exhibits technological thought leadership (a 16-point increase), is trusted (a 16-point increase), offers integrated solutions (a 6-point increase) and offers cloud solutions (a 27-point increase). Overall, this contributed to the growth of its brand power by 0.9 points (from 7.6 to 8.5).

The campaign generated revenue of RM 10.6 million, from a pipeline of RM 411 million, based on 22,750 leads.

It also resulted in:

  • 195% growth in website traffic
  • 173% increase in YoY marketing-attributed revenue for Cloud Services
  • 3000+ visits to TM ONE’s virtual experience city
  • 16.2% increase in the lead funnel
  • 1,012 attendees to the LEAP Virtual Summit, generating RM700k in contracts