Our solutions are designed to ensure you cut through the clutter and get yourself heard in a crowded and competitive market. We strive to build customized solutions and strategies that best fit your needs and focus on the 3Is: impactful, innovative, and iconic.

Account-based Strategy

Identify and target the accounts you value most. Then attract, engage, convert and measure progress against customers and prospects.

Our account-based marketing approach begins with account selection and analysis. Typically this is a joint effort by sales and marketing. We can augment the process with intent-based account selection using machine learning and narrow-AI to find, catalog and score 12,000+ hardware and software products that 13 million+ companies in 236 countries are using or considering. Utilising up to 5 years of product adoption patterns, we identify accounts and buyers that are in the market for various products each quarter. B2B tech marketing, sales and product management teams use these insights throughout the customer life-cycle.

With the account selected, we plan the workflow including communication blueprints, touch-point maps, and lead scoring; account-specific messaging and content audit and creation - through to activation, outreach and nurturing.

AID: Account Intelligence Dossier

Backed by first-party research, we deliver comprehensive intelligence about your prospects and your competition that’s going after them as a whole or within your target geographies. You will understand the state of your prospect’s industry as it pertains to your solutions; perception of your solutions in general and within specific verticals, the state of your competition in general and within specific verticals, key market challenges facing your prospects and how they look at technology to help solve some of them.

Our exclusive account dossiers help you banish ambiguity and execute with searing clarity.

Unlock DX

Unlock DX is a comprehensive interactive assessment tool which enables tech buyers to assess themselves and receive personalised recommendation reports across the key digital transformation (DX) deadlocks/challenges.

As the tech buyer user completes each module specific to their areas of interest or focus, the system generates detailed reports that combine personalised DX insights based on global data collected by IDC.

As a sponsor of the tool you will gain in-depth account insights into your customers’ DX posture and initiatives that will help your sales team craft effective sales strategies.


Ready-to-launch campaigns comprising content assets, email and paid outreach options and optional martech platforms to net new or nurturing existing prospects efficiently within a limited time.

GetIT-IDC Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE)

Secure relevant leads through highly-trusted, locally relevant content shaped by regional analysts. Target them with precision through industry-focused databases from market leaders that allow for fine segmentation.

We help you boost campaign efficacy and ensure larger, more consistent sales opportunities. You also work with a single point of contact, for simplified project management and greater efficiency.

Benchmarketing Pulse Survey

Short, visually compelling and highly interactive web experiences designed to give something of value to your prospect before you ask for their permission to connect and nurture.

Typical deployments comprise:

  • Instant benchmarking of responses with those of peers
  • Customised and targeted guidance based on user responses
  • Personalised reports with actionable insight

Master Class

Traditional marketing techniques no longer work. Your customers are no longer following predictable, linear purchasing processes. Their complex journey to buy from you is frustrating for them, and for you.

With our custom B2B technology marketing Masterclass, conducted at the venue of your choice, your marketing team can quickly learn how to generate more qualified leads with digital marketing.