Social media ROI: a lighthearted, great explanation

  • Anol

Olivier Blanchard’s Social Media ROI Presentation is a awesomely fun and witty introduction to ROI of social media. Check out his presentation.

Olivier’s concept is simple, but most of the B2B marketers are trying to avoid the fundamental question of business context when comes to social media. According to Oliver –

…eyeballs, impressions, positive WOM and social mention, even click-throughs and net new visits to websites do not constitute relevant currency when we are talking about ROI. Social media is no different here than any other business endeavor in this regard.

Impressions, eyeballs, net new visitors, etc. are forms of non-financial impact. In order to determine ROI, you have to take them to the next step: How they affect financial impact. THEN and only then can you tie the original investment to the return (financial impact/outcome).

Here goes a video from Olivier, explaining the concept.

How you and your organization define Social Media ROI?


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