SiTF SMM Workshop (Singapore) : Getting started in Social Media Marketing

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The fascinating and evolving landscape of social media presents businesses with a new world of challenges, opportunities and rewards. It is imperative to have formalised processes that can help achieve social media goals without the clutter of irrelevance.

GetIT Comms, in partnership with SiTF and Tata Communications, brings you a Social Media Marketing workshop on Nov 9, 2010 in Singapore.

The workshop will help you realise the true potential of social media for your business by learning about the questions and steps that you must address before jumping in, the relevance of great content to sustain your audience, and the importance of measurement and monitoring tools.

Led by Anol Bhattacharya and Benjamin Koe, the workshop will cover:

  • A Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business – Helping you to ask the right questions and tackle the right points at the start.
  • Doing your Homework – The steps that you should do before you jump into the mix.
  • Establishing your Path – Choosing which path to take (and what tools to use) would be the key difference between success and failure.
  • Sticking to it – The importance of great content and why it pays to be committed to your social media campaign.
  • Metrics and Monitoring – The key to proving Social Media ROI.

Register for the workshop here. For more details, email us.


About Anol
Anol is the is CEO of GetIT Comms, a marketing and communications consultancy for hi-tech and telco’s, where he helps clients (Cisco, IBM, HP, Datacraft, etc.) in the field of B2B marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy & implementation, interactive digital media for marketing initiatives and user experience design.

About Benjamin
Benjamin is the Co-Founder and Head of Client Leadership at JamiQ. He has an extensive background in social media marketing and consulting which includes running a social media monitoring company, working at a global PR consultancy and providing expert opinion in the media.

About SiTF
Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) is Singapore’s premier infocomm industry association, which brings together some 400 corporate members from MNCs and local companies. SiTF assists its members in business development, market intelligence, overseas trade missions, networking and alliances.


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November 9, 2010

Asuthosh Nair

Great to know the talk has motivated you to socialize! Feel free to talk tornus for help anytime. And if your events team needs any solutions.

November 9, 2010

Isabelle Chan

Yes, Anol... I'll have to replace the egg!:)

November 9, 2010

Isabelle Chan

Anol, Ben, thanks for today's presentation. I've set a goal for myself... must find time to experiment with social media!