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After some serious B2B marketing posts, it’s time to have some fun. Measuring and analyzing social buzz, sentiment and influence for companies and products is part of our daily job. This time we are on a journey to use the serious tools for a fun, free and open source project, named Singmood!

Is it possible to measure a country’s emotional state by analyzing the Twitter-stream of it’s people? Ever wondered how Singaporeans are feeling today? Is there a correlation between certain times of the day and people’s moods? You may be able to answer that question today. is a real-time, tweet-driven gauge which reflects the collective mood of Singapore. Now, you don’t have to figure out people’s expressions to know how they are feeling.


Taking SingMood for a spin

Here’s a short screencast of how it works!

SingMood aggregates tweets located in Singapore and examines them for “happy” and “sad” keywords. Keywords such as: happy, glad, fabulous, awesome, funny, laughing, fun, excited, exciting, ‘yay’, enjoying, overjoyed,  blissful, sad, disappointed, angry, irritated, frustrated, regret, heartbreaking, heartbroken, ‘pissed’, ‘fml’, ‘sucks’, despair, sigh, bad, sick and cry. The data is aggregated and the overall mood is displayed on a “mood-o-meter” which refreshes with every tweet.

also shows a graph displaying the number of happy and sad tweets by-the-hour so you get an idea of when people are happier/ sadder during the course of a day. Click on the happy/sad “bar” to see who tweeted.

is open source. Download the source code for free and tweak it the way you want – be it for entertainment or business. Fun, guaranteed.

(On a side note) An interesting discovery…

When we tried 2 keywords, “LOL” and “haha”, there was a huge spike in the number of happy tweets. However, many who used these words were not genuinely happy. Here are some examples, “Haha, so bored.” and “Warehouse boss took my markers. LOL.” It does not make any sense yet it’s perpetually in people’s tweets! So we had to forgo those 2 keywords. Do keep in mind that tweets collected before 31 May 2011, 12pm are inaccurate due to our experiments.

SingMood is available now. Explore and share it with your friends!

Follow @sgmood for updates.


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