Rise of Conversationalists and Creators: Forrester Technographics

  • Anol

Forrester’s “The New Social Technographics” report is the product of surveying 10,112 U.S. consumers ages 18 to 88 in November 2009.

According to the report, one in every three online Americans is what Forrester calls a “conversationalist,” defined as someone who updates her status on Facebook or tweets at least once a week. Conversationalists are also older, wiser than other online denizens — and predominantly female.

One in every three internet users in the U.S. is what Forrester calls a “conversationalist,” now post status updates on social networking services like Twitter and Facebook at least once per week. According to a new report Forrester Research, more than 50% of the “conversationalists” are female and 70% are 30+ years old.

Forrester’s data also shows that 59% of all U.S. Internet users now use social networks and that 70% consume content on social media and social networking sites.Creators – those who publish their content they created – went up 24% of all Internet users.


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