Destination Mumbai: GetIT Comms at the upcoming Click Asia Summit 2011

  • Marco

Click Asia Summit 2011 (Mumbai, India – Jan 20-22, 2011) is Asia’s largest digital marketing event, designed to create a forum for some of the top marketing professionals to congregate and create a marketplace for ideas and services that will help Asian companies achieve an edge. It is also a place where luminaries from various key industries shed light on the latest trends and developments in digital, social and mobile marketing as well as provide insights, ideas and practical solutions on key issues.

Click Asia Summit

It is no secret that Asia has become a massive player in the global market. With the US and Western Europe still haunted by the spectre of the last economic crisis, Asia has emerged as one of the growing economies and is poised to perform even better during the coming years.

Digital and mobile marketing has changed and evolved considerably during the past years too. It is now considered as an acceptable influence in purchase decision making. As marketing professionals, it is absolutely vital for us to be keen about the constantly changing face of digital and mobile marketing, especially in Asia. And we need to have great avenues that will fuel and facilitate such an exciting world.

Click Asia Summit 2011 is that sort of an avenue. And we are ecstatic to be attending and exhibiting there. Aside from having a booth, we are stoked because our very own Anol Bhattacharya is slated to appear as a guest speaker.

We’ll delve into the evolving B2B marketplace that necessitates quick responses in terms of marketing strategy, from demand generation to lead nurturing. We will share some guidance on the rules of engagement, and monitoring and metrics, based on our experience working with Cisco Systems, Datacraft, and HP.

More updates will be posted closer to the event. See you all in Mumbai this January!


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