CommunicAsia 2010 – Field Report

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Communic Asia 2010

Day 4: June 18, 2010

And thus CommunicAsia 2010 came to a close. We had an atypically  high number of visitors for the last day of a tradeshow (the excellent weather outside may have helped), and the interest sustained till the closing “bell”. The dancing robots did their last dance of the event (a few had committed harakiri by then).

And so, to all who visited us – be they potential partners, customers, or team members, or be they one among the many profiles of the trade show visitors (watch out for some caricatures coming soon), thank you! You made it worthwhile for us to be there. For those with whom we had some great discussions, we look forward to continuing the conversations. As for the rest, well, hope to see you all again.

Off-kilter: Now to get Daler Mehndi out of our heads…

Day 3: June 17, 2010

After the pluvial disasters in Singapore yesterday, the skies cleared up finally. The penultimate day of the  exhibition saw our State of Marketing Singapore Industry Report featured in the EnterpriseAsia 2010 Show Daily by Joseph Waring (p 14/17 June 2010). It also appeared in Marketing-Interactive Singapore.

We met several interesting people from the region and may be embarking on potential partnerships. Updates will appear as details become more concrete.

We also got a chance to interview Laina Raveendran Greene, CEO and Principal of Green Energy Technology and Infocommunication Technology (G-ET-IT), and founder and former CEO of GetIT | Comms (video coming up soon).

Off-kilter: Watch out for an exclusive composite shot of this year’s booth babes to be posted soon.

Day 2: June 16, 2010

Day 2 of CommunicAsia 2010 got off to a wetter start than Day 1, so the crowds were slow to stream in but when they did, it mirrored the downpour outside. We continued to engage with delegations from several countries in the region, with our social marketing and digital marketing solutions garnering considerable interest.

We interviewed Preetam Rai (educator, technologist and traveller), who shared his thoughts on social media engagement for companies in the Asian context, considering its vastness and the need for a localised strategy (video coming up soon).

A highlight of the day was the Skype Bloggers Meet where some of the finest tech bloggers in Singapore gathered to interact and share ideas on enhancing blogging as social marketing channel.

For the gadget maniacs, Sony Ericsson released its Sony Ericsson Experia X8 Android (1.6?!) phone. Next Generation Broadband, and Mobile Marketing and Advertising held centrestage in the summit tracks. Residents in Singapore cheered the launch of nationwide 3D TV trials.

Day 2 video and photo highlights to follow soon.

(Off-kilter mantra of the day: “This is not our brochure…” in response to the massive interest in our State of Marketing Singapore Industry Report.)

Day 1: June 15, 2010

We are back at CommunicAsia this year. Day 1 got off to a rather wet start and was quieter than 2008 but we garnered good quality conversations and considerable interest.

We released the State of Marketing Singapore Industry Report and printouts of these were in major demand.

Mobile marketing continues to be hot. We also see several 3D TV rollouts. Samsung released its awesome-looking speed demon, the Samsung Galaxy S and the world’s first Android projector phone, the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

An interesting mix of visitors and exhibitors with the key highlights being the dancing robots (right next to our stall, incidentally) and booth babes vying for eyeballs.

First day was busy fielding enquiries at our booth, but we promise to bring some exciting snapshots of the big boys and highlights at the show. We also interviewed Belinda Ang and Antonio Barimen for B2Bento. Videos coming up soon.

Belinda Ang on Social Media, Customer engagement, PR 2.0 & more

Antonio Barimen on Second Life and Web Video

Pictures from CommunicAsia – right after the jump. More pictures and videos are coming soon.  Meanwhile – checkout Antonio’s live blogging from CommunicAsia.

Sights and sounds from CommunicAsia

GetIT / B2Bento at CommunicAsia

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By ‘popular demand’ – CommunicAsia Booth Babes

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Sights and sounds @ CommunicAsia10

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