#B2BChat: Google+: First Impressions and Predictions for B2B Marketing Usage

  • Anol


Just 22 days old and Google+ is already being lauded as a success, at least by the early adopters and the “geek-arati”. This week’s #B2BChat attempts to cut through the hype and hoopla and probe into the real utility of its features, as these stand currently. Our opinions are bound to change over time as more people come on board and the community branches out, but we focus on the now:

  1. What are your first impressions of G+as a user?
  2. What impressions of G+ have you formed as a B2B marketer?
  3. Where do you see its utility in B2B marketing? What is lacking?
  4. Do you see Google+ as an alternative or threat to, or complimenting, Facebook? Why?
  5. As a B2B marketer, what is your wishlist for G+?

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