B2B Marketing discussions at Twitter: #B2Bchat and #B2Bbookclub

  • Anol

This morning, by sheer serendipity, via a tweet-post by Kent Huffman (@KentHuffman), I stumbled into #B2Bchat, a synchronous twitter discussion on B2B marketing organized by B2BChat (@B2B_Chat). I had to leave early today, for a meeting, but, thanks to hashtag’s saved search, the whole transcript is here to scan through.

b2bchatAwesome discussions and talking points within a 140 character limitation. It’s another case in point where constrain is good, no ramblings – just precise and articulated viewpoints.

It’s going to be a weekly event. So don’t forget to join #B2BChat next Thursday, 11 March at 8:00 PM ET (view other time zones).


During this session, I also came to know about #B2Bbookclub, another B2B twit-discussion, moderated by Jeremy Victor of B2BBloggers.com, where on March 24th at 7:00 PM there will be a session with Brian Solis on his new book “Engage“.


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