2010 B2Bento Top 10

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top 10About an year ago, a bunch of us at GetIT Comms decided to experiment – experiment with something we had been hearing a lot and advising our clients about. A site to share ideas (ours and from the best out there in B2B marketing), practical how-to’s and the occasional rant, feature some of the brilliant marketers we’ve had the privilege to work with, and above all lend a sorely lacking but much sought-after distinctly Asian tone to the coverage of B2B marketing. In short, walk our talk.

That experiment is what you are reading now – B2Bento. We are pretty pleased with the results so far. We made some amazing friends across the B2B-“marketosphere” across the globe, kept up with the latest thinking, covered some of the tentpole marketing events in Asia, and projected a different “more-than-just-an-agency” voice to our operations.

We’ve had our dull months, and frenzied posts, and out of all that we select, in no particular order, the top 10 posts of B2Bento 2010.

Needles in the haystack: finding your prospects in social media: Where exactly in social media can your prospects be found and how do you go about finding them?

5 ways to let your B2B content shine: There’s no reason why B2B content can’t be as energizing and remarkable as B2C.

How to make trade shows work for B2B marketing: How worth it are trade shows for your B2B marketing initiatives?

5 marketing lessons from jazz musicians: Five of the best parallelisms between jazz and marketing as exemplified through several of the genre’s finest.

Do your homework: 5 tips before joining the B2B social media gold rush: Before jumping onto the bandwagon of social media marketing for your B2B organisation, you should first do your own strategic homework.

The art of story-telling in B2B marketing: 6 elements of good B2B story-telling

Getting lead nurturing right: Lead nurturing is the lifeblood of B2B companies, particularly of those involved in complex solution selling.

Improve 5 things in 60 minutes: What can you do in 1 hour to improve your presence and better market your B2B product or service on LinkenIn?

10 tips for B2B landing page optimization for better conversions: Given how integral landing pages can be to a marketing campaign here are 10 tips on how to optimize yours for better conversions.

Blue Ocean strategy for B2B marketing: How can we form strategic frameworks in place for our marketing campaigns for brand awareness to lead generation?

Also, do check out the exclusive interviews we did of leading marketers in Asia on B2Bento.tv and our Quickstart Guide to B2B Social Media infographic. We will take our efforts even further next year. Watch this space!

A very special thank you to all our newsletter and RSS subscribers, readers, re-tweeters and Facebook sharers. Your support has been critical in keeping our enthusiasm and momentum throughout the year. Have a wonderful year end and a splendid year ahead!

And no, this isn’t the last post of the year, at least we hope not.

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