Six tips on B2B marketing for the enterprise

  • Asuthosh

MarketingWe have been running the exclusive B2B marketers’ interview series here at B2Bento for over two weeks now, featuring some prominent B2B marketers in the Asia Pacific region.

We are pretty excited about the quality and breadth of ideas explored to date. In case you haven’t had the chance to watch the videos or read the transcripts, here are 6 tips on B2B marketing for the enterprise from Doug’s interview:

#1 The nurturing aspect of a B2B relationship: Stick through with the customer for a longer time and help them drive their business with relevance and consistency.

#2 Demand generation: Get the messaging out to those people in the format that makes sense to them. Focus on what business need the solution can fulfil, and rely less on feature-wise elaboration.

#3 Watering holes: People talk to each other and drive things as they move forward. Being where they are and telling them why you are relevant to them is wiser than creating yet another “channel” or site with a megaphone that no one bothers to hear.

#4 Mass personalization: Understand what the needs are and put those needs into pockets of similarities to drive out messaging to those pockets.

#5 Web 2.0 marketing: Try the little things and integrate those into your Web 2.0 plans (read, don’t go grand from day one). Utilize the innate nature of Web 2.0 in getting the message out in as many formats to as many people as possible.

#6 Customers as the magic sauce: Have your customer be the testimonial for you saying you did this for this reason and saw this type of return on investment. Position this smartly with the other customers and you potentially have the magic sauce!

Coming up this week  – Dominic Ng from Cisco Systems who shares his thoughts on the state of B2B marketing in Asia. Watch out for it.


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