Recap: #B2Bchat B2B Marketing Integration – The Holy Grail?

  • Asuthosh

The Internet has changed how companies market their products and integrating various marketing tools is one of the most important goal that a company can achieve in order to attract more customers. Marketing integration however, can be easily said than done. In this week’s #B2Bchat, we explored the ways we can integrate different marketing tools, along with social media and PR, and the obstacles companies face while doing so.

Such a topic has sparked many interesting discussions and debates like, the relationship between social media, marketing and PR, how we can integrate email with social media, and the importance of marketing automation.

This summary is an edited summary of the full transcript available here.

Are your marketing activities (social media/PR/content marketing etc.) integrated? If yes– how? If not – why?

@samfiorella: “Dividing & Conquer” is military strategy, not marketing strategy. Must integrate effort & silos!

@samfiorella: I use SM monitoring/learning to create personalized direct mail follow ups to channel partners

@sandyhubbard: “Integrated” does not necessarily mean simultaneous. Need timing and flow in your strategy

@billymitchell1: Marketing Automation helps assure content is purposed across multimedia – both inbound, outbound, online & print

@asuthosh: A favourite term among marketers we meet is “cadence” when it comes to integrated marketing

@sandyhubbard: @deseyner I agree, Lisa. Building those touches, whether in one channel or many, increases credibility and keeps brand top of mind.

@dannyhanssel: Forbes article: focus on slow-boiling campaigns that generate major engagement, not flashy hits!

How can content marketing leverage social media? And/or can social media leverage on content marketing?

@samfiorella: Content marketing is art of communicating with your customers & prospects without selling. That’s Social Media! 🙂

@MonicaCZN: Social media needs content marketing to ‘function’, it’s the soul of it, what puts it in motion

@b2bento: To ignite any contextual conversation in social media – you need the fire of great content

@billymitchell1: Social Media posts lead&link to in-depth content on landing pages, blog or website. SM is subset of content marketing

@samfiorella: @sparker9: Yes, content required for SM “relationship”, but it must be relevant & timely too.

@BHSMITH: I try to have content structured with the sales dialog. Prospect always needs to say / think “yes…Tell me more.” Content = more.

@MonicaCZN: Customer’s need at center, content what’s delivered to reach customer, social media the channel to reach customer

How can we integrate email / drip campaigns – with social media?

@sandyhubbard: Many users are reading emails on smart phones. Traditional email campaigns may not fit that user. Need to evolve

@chevypham: Socialcomm can support drip/ email by reinforcing supplement marcomm with multimedia

@billymitchell1: Wherever your customers cross paths with your content it should lead them somewhere that delivers value & converts them

@sandyhubbard: @SteveCassady I like a simple email campaign that values reader’s time and then links to video that can work on mobile or desktop

@billymitchell1: Emails & other direct outreach should drive action – Toll free call or Link back to landing pg for further conversion

@kseniacoffman: @Teresacottam @cuferg Not all B2B buyers choose to engage in Social Media / email is ‘old’ but reliable

How can PR be integrated with marketing? What are the roadblocks?

@samfiorella: Social Media is where Marketing & #PR teams cross in the organization!

@kseniacoffman: Through content marketing – PR is adept at that | RE: marketing/PR integration

@danielnewmanUV: Integrate PR and Marketing by creating unified messaging! Make sure your customers hear a similar story via all mediums

@samfiorella: @KseniaCoffman It’s the difference between “conversations” & “broadcasting”. Social Media should merge them

@billymitchell1: PR+Marketing+Sales all on same page related to content marketing strategy = lead gen and conversion engine

@wittlake: @chevypham @taariqlewis It is the timing and biz rules for most effective next message. Mindset, not channel

@samfiorella: At the end of the day, all silos must be focused on sales. Different paths, same end goal.

@sparker9: PR was doing content marketing before there was “content marketing.” PR is not buying an editor lunch or begging them!

@BHSMITH: This biggest challenge I have had with PR v marcom is PR’s not driven towards client acquisition. Not wrong, but different

@samfiorella: PR must evolve beyond customer engagement. Marketing must evolve to customer engagement. Merge.

@wittlake: @b2b_chat @taariqlewis Starts by aligning the business on the goal AND the way to get there. Closes the gap between silos

@asuthosh: PR has gotta change – not “we tell you”, but rather give enough material to make an informed judgement about us

How can marketing automation help to integrate? What are the speed bumps in the real world?

@samfiorella: Too many “screens” today. W/out marketing automation/tracking, content strategy is handicapped

@wittlake: Marketing automation speed bump is limited support for emerging channels. Merging #smm and #ma will be key

@b2bento: Marketing automation is great – but main challenge is to bring all the folks – PR, Marketing, Sales – to talk to each other

@samfiorella: If businesses hire a Community Manager as their “communication automation”, they’d be ahead of most

Once again today’s session didn’t fail to provide insight, food for thought and actionable ideas for all to experiment with. Many thanks to all who participated. Join us for next week’s #B2Bchat, Thursday, May 26, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, 8am May 27 in Singapore). Follow @B2B_chat for updates.

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This post marks the maiden contribution of our intern, Trudy Tan (@_trudy). Look forward to more from her!


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