Marketing to Partners and Distributors [#B2BChat : July 12th at 8 pm, EST]

  • Anol

[Updated with recap.]

Selling through partners is an oft-favored model of growing the business. However, many companies struggle to determine and operationalize campaigns to keep those partners active and productive. Partner Marketing remains a neglected branch of B2B marketing initiatives despite being one of the most important. How do we energize partner marketing and enable partners to sell more effectively? In this session we will talk about: 

  • Do you have a specific partner marketing strategy for your company? 
  • How to design campaigns around considerations specific to partners?
  • How to foster and manage collaborative partner communities?
  • What are the best channels for partner communication and engagement? 
  • Co-marketing with partners – what works?

B2BChat Join us as we talk about Marketing to Partners and Distributors in this week’s #B2BChat – Thursday, July 12th at 5 pm, PST / 8 pm, EST (Friday, July 13th, 1 am GMT).

Suggested ways of participating: via hashtag #B2BChat using your favourite Twitter client; or at using #B2BChat.


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