7 Habits of Highly Defective Marketers

  • Anol

Marketers are a strange breed with quirks that are distinctly ours. Every once in a while a screw or two is turned the wrong way round and we end up with idiosyncracies that, amazingly enough, don’t land us in an asylum. Here then are 7 habits of highly defective marketers. None are spared. Read with tongue firmly in cheek.

#1: Being the dog from the movie ‘Up’

Habits of Defective Marketers: Try every shiny new thing

“Oooh! Is it new? Gotta be on it.” Squirrel, chat roulette, or Pinterest – it takes little to excite this lot. They will sign-up for everything out there and tell the whole world they have. But a week later, they’ve moved on, never to return.

#2: Being an ostrich

Habits of Defective Marketers: Being an ostrich

Contra to the dog above, anything new is viewed with grim cynicism. They prefer to stick to “tried-and-tested”…forever. Never mind that Typewriter is now just a font.

#3: Gobbledygook generator

Habits of Defective Marketers: Gobbledygook generator

Sentences like “paradigm shifting solutions provided through empowered employees…” are their lifeblood. Obfuscation is their rule of the game.

#4: Lacking originality and creative ideas

Habits of Defective Marketers: Lacking original or creative ideas

“Creativity? That’s what I am paying the agency for. I only manage budgets,” is a common refrain of this lot. Woe betide the agency.

#5: Going by gut feel

Habits of Defective Marketers: Going by gut feel

“I don’t understand analytics, and I don’t care.” Metrics give them indigestion. Feel is fuel. And one that’s infinite. Could anything be better?

#6: Thinking that “I am my target persona”

Habits of Defective Marketers: Thinking that I am my target person.

Everything they think or do is based on how they would like it. Not understanding, of course, that there is a target personae they should be looking at, who, in most cases, won’t be like them.

#7: Thinking that “content does not matter” in B2B marketing

Habits of Defective Marketers: Thinking that "content does not matter" in B2B marketing

Gloss and glitz is their mantra. Content is inconvenient and takes time. Isn’t this glossy brochure or artfully designed web page so much nicer?

So, what are the habits you would like to see weeded out? Tell us!


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November 13, 2013

Ratneshwar Prasad Sinha


April 11, 2012

Eric Wittlake

Sadly, you nailed it. :-) Nicely done Anol!