Back to Basics: Lead Nurturing 101

  • Jaspreet

Many B2B marketing teams often say they are “nurturing” their prospects when actually what they are doing is sending out automated mail, company announcements or nice looking brochures. That is not only what lead nurturing is about.

Lead nurturing is  about having  meaningful communication  and conversations with prospects regardless of their timing to buy. It’s not about calling up every few months to find out if a prospect is “ready to buy yet?”. Lead nurturing is about building solid relationships with the right people.

Brian Carroll has listed out a few do’s and don’ts in his blog on lead nurturing.


Don’ts –

  • Sending the same case study or the marketing material over and over again to your leads
  • Just calling leads to touch base in the early stages of the buying process.
  • Offer brochures and white papers that are directly just pitching about your product


  • Send content based relevant to the customer. Based on their interest.
  • Make calls that add value to the interaction.
  • Share content that is valuable to them even if they will never buy from you.

In conclusion focus more on putting yourself in the customers shoes and understand what content and information you would like to receive and what you don’t. Adapt your lead nurturing strategy accordingly. If you have anymore do’s and don’ts on lead nurturing please do comment below.


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