#B2Bchat – Content Strategy for Lead Nurturing

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In B2B where there’s a longer sales cycle, a lead needs to be “nurtured” over time before they can mature into deals. Content plays a big role in lead nurturing, much like sunshine and water. Having a good content nourishment strategy can spell the difference between a lead becoming a deal, and one that ends up in a blackhole, never to be tended again.

In this week’s #B2BChat, we look at formulating content strategy for lead nurturing. We consider:

  • The importance of content. Why do we need it for lead nurturing?
  • What type of content works well for the different stages of lead nurturing?
  • Are there any secret recipes for great content strategy?
  • How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content?
  • What form of media (e-books, whitepapers, video, etc.) work best for lead nurturing content?
  • Delivery mechanisms (direct mail, email, events, webinars) – what works for you?
  • How would you measure the effectiveness of lead nurturing content?

Join us for an insight-filled session from B2B marketers around the world on this week’s #B2Bchat on Content Strategy for Lead Nurturing: Thursday, September 23, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, 12mn GMT). Follow @B2B_chat for updates.

Originally posted at B2BBloggers.com


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