Back to the basics: The B2B Website and Web Analytics [#B2Bchat Recap]

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It’s quite comforting to realise that B2B Marketers are pivoting towards old-school B2B Marketing concepts and techniques while embracing current trends and technologies. That’s the kind of insight that envelops you like a warm blanket. Going back to the basics of B2B Marketing can surely give us a dose of renewed energy … a breath of fresh air of the nostalgic kind. And this week’s #B2BChat focused specifically on two of the key staples of basic Digital Marketing: the Website and Web Analytics.

B2BChatAlthough mirroring the laid-back holiday mood, the discussion managed to cover several interesting areas like significant transformations in B2B web presence during the past decade, predictions on where B2B sites are headed, the integration of lead generation and lead nurturing, etc.

This summary was adapted from the complete transcript. If you want to read the full version, you can just drop by here.

What is the most strategic transformation that you have witnessed for B2B web presence in last couple of years?

@phylliskhare: integrating blogs with websites

@soumyapr: @b2b_chat 2 things. The addition of social tools to the website for marketing and customer service and 2nd in lead form

@sparker9: @kseniacoffman video: my thought, it could be but not necessarily for all co’s…depends

@asuthosh: Finally seeing B2B companies using their sites for more than brochureware. Seeing a willingness to engage and listen.

@b2bento: Transformation from Branding focus to Lead Gen / Lead nurturing focus, Usage of media, Social tools

@phylliskhare: if you talk about *recent* strategic – it would be social media, but if you go back a few years it would be what I said before 🙂

@b2bspecialist: Cost effective content management and search engine marketing

@asuthosh: @kseniacoffman Referring to “brochureware” – very prevalent; most didn’t use the web to sell, but just to have a presence

@sparker9: Transformation beyond brochureware still a work in progress–but there’s been an advance and more awareness of the need to do it

@kimgeralds: Websites were a “necessary evil” a repository for data sheets and contact info. Now, they are face and voice of the brand.

What are your predictions for how B2B websites will evolve for the next 1-5 years?

@b2bspecialist: Websites need to evolve in to a sales generation channel and to some extent displace sales reps. (ouch)

@sparker9: 1) lot of improvements will be based on using the site to help make it easier to buy 2) #1 will require new content approaches

@b2bspecialist: sites need to become the front line of web communications that attract prospective customers and clients

@CASUDI: @b2b_chat IMO websites will take on vast complexity ~ everyone WILL have to have everything ~ then ease + simplify will prevail

@DWesterberg: @b2b_chat @KseniaCoffman Customers and B2B collab to showcase product/solution ROI, best practices – B2B as strategic partnership

@kimgeralds: video, and more video. Collaboration. Websites will learn based on what their users are doing/searching.

@Mendelj2: @b2b_chat More segmented paths with benefits, products and case studies for different buyer types

@soumyapr: b2b websites will integrate cus fdbck + cust ser 2 make lead 2 sale times much lower. website will = maj reason for better roi

@2moroDocs: As a tech writer, I can see websites incorporating more documentation / help / support features

@eeegeee: @b2b_chat @b2bspecialist if the website can grab the lead, i’ll develop the relationship!

@asuthosh: Sites will become a lot more “aware” of the customer/prospect and be a sales “person” unto itself

@b2bspecialist: Buyers seek peer reviews and varieties of content in the buying cycle. The question is what role will the rep play?

@b2bspecialist: Professional Services review sites may pop up sometime soon. Side by side system integrator comparisons.

@b2bento: Marketing Automation will be deeply integrated with websites

How does lead generation and lead nurturing integrate with your site? (E.g., landing pages, AB testing, etc.)

@b2bspecialist: Thought leadership content produced & shared via twitter and email newsletters. Use forms, lead mgt system and google analytics

@kimgeralds: It’s all about conversion goals and meeting them. How fast & easy can you get that call to action answered?

@eeegeee: forms/landing pages… most important = content!

@CASUDI: It appears Call to action on a website = more lead generation. PLS conform/deny?

@Mendelj2: some content must be behind registration walls and tightly tied to sales initiatives. Good content that people want is key.

@SUPPORT2point0: you cant abuse the ‘site-curious’ visitor & cookie-stalk or pop up auto-chat any1 who visits your site. feels used-car-lot-ish

@b2bspecialist: Must define what a lead is before knowing if you are successful. I find content gates not useful.

Name key metrics for B2B web Analytics.

@MeganLeap: Engagement, conversion rate, time on site. Also micro-conversions.

@asuthosh: Bounce rate (how effective content is in keeping them on the site); visitor sources (what channels bring me the most visitors)

@b2bspecialist: I measure time on page, unique page views and who is visiting site (ppl and companies)…and EOI (expression of interest).

@b2bento: We are. Also mapping bounce rate/ time with that RT @kseniacoffman: Q4: Who is tracking web traffic coming from SM

@b2bspecialist: Tracking web traffic from social media outposts along with average time on site. Also, track long tale of content.

@cuferg: We see limited traffic from social media but are tracking it consistently.

What are available tools for web Analytics? Any tips for B2B Marketers?

@b2bspecialist: Can’t go wrong with Google analytics. Love to see what content has the longest shelf life. I use Leadformix for lead mgt.

@cuferg: Google Analytics and marketing automation tools – GA custom reports can be quite useful.

@kimgeralds: Google Webmaster tools rock, period. If I ever master the entire arsenal at our disposal, I will be one happy webmaster 😉

@b2bento: Using Google Analytics – free/ easy / works great!

@asuthosh: Seems like Google has netted the best of the tools out there. ANY alternatives that match up to it at all?! #B2BChat

@eeegeee: Google analytics = get what you “pay” for. Just started @HubSpot = amazing for b2b/lead gen

@phylliskhare: google analytics, 4qsurvey, crazy egg, kiss insights, kissmetrics, more

@Mendelj2: I use a combo of hubspot and google analytics to track inbound links, leads/ conversions, sources (incl. Social) and traffic.

@RyanCanney: Hubspot is great for web analytics. Gives you where your best leads and customers are coming from.

Much thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next #B2Bchat which will be on Thursday, January 06, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). This will be the first one for 2011! Follow @B2B_chat for updates. Happy Holidays everyone!


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