#B2BChat: A Fresh Look at Online advertising

  • Anol


Even as the use of social media marketing grows at scorching pace, online advertising shows no let up ($31.3 billion only in the US, up from $26 billion in 2010). How are B2B companies using online advertisement platforms? What’s working (and not working)?

In this week’s #B2BChat, we discuss :

  • Do you use or recommend online ads – SEM, banners ads, Facebook & LinkedIn ads) for B2B marketing? Why? Why not?
  • Which mode of advertising works better for B2B – search engine PPC (action-based) or Facebook / LinkedIn (demography-based)?
  • Do banner placements in targeted portals still work?
  • Which platforms provide you the most value for money?
  • With people going online from several kinds of devices, how do we address cross-platform advertising challenges?
  • How are you integrating ads with other areas of marketing (Social Media, Content Marketing, etc.)?
  • (Bonus Q) Is the term “digital marketing” relevant anymore now that we are marketing in a (mostly) digital world?

B2BChat Join us as we share insights, experiences and actionable ideas on Online Advertising for B2B in this week’s #B2Bchat, on Thursday, Jun 30 at 8 pm EST (Jul 1, 8 am Singapore time). [Suggested ways of participating: via hashtag #B2BChat using your favourite Twitter client; or at tweetchat.com using #B2BChat]
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November 9, 2021


its very helpful thanks for sharing!

July 5, 2011

Jenny T.

It looks like I missed an interesting duscussion. Do you have its summary somewhere? Thanks!