B2B Marketing Case Study – Part 2: Rapid Survey Solution

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This post is part of our B2B marketing case study series, where we feature some of our recent engagement in the space and share our learnings. Feel free to pitch in with your thoughts and stories of a similar vein.

CyberSource, the largest eCommerce payment management company in the world, offers a complete portfolio of payment and fraud management services that simplify and automate payment operations.

Established in 1995 during the early days of eCommerce, CyberSource is one of the pioneering providers of these services to medium and large-sized merchants.

In 2010, the company was acquired by Visa and now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

CyberSource, in light of extending its footprint into the Asia Pacific region, wanted to generate APAC-relevant leads. With a rich treasure-trove of content, which they use for their existing marketing efforts including digital marketing, lead nurturing systems, direct mailers and database marketing, what they needed now was a way to rapidly reach their lead base, especially at events.
CyberSource broached with GetIT, the idea to derive greater mileage from their annual industry report using web-optimized platforms.  We suggested re-purposing it to create an engaging rapid survey, referred to as a “Pulse Survey”.

The solution went beyond a typical web survey in that it provided the taker an “instant benchmark” where they can see how their responses matches against their industry peers. Second, it would provide a set of personalised recommendations on improving their fraud management processes, dynamically, based on their responses. And if they wanted to have an offline copy of the complete report, they just needed to provide basic information like name and email, which went into CyberSource’s leads corpus.

The interactive tool was web-based, device-independent and optimized for tablet devices.

The Outcome

Aside from being used as an effective online tool for lead generation, CyberSource also uses the “Pulse Survey” at events, where booth assistants directly engage leads using laptops or tablet devices.

As potential leads answer the questions, the detailed analysis that they get gives them an on-the-spot snapshot of how their company is benchmarked against the industry.

The real time information that prospects glean from the benchmarking is valuable and actionable insight.

After its initial introduction, the “Pulse Survey” has proven to be a very effective tool for CyberSource’s marketing campaigns.

A key factor to this success can be attributed to the immediate nature of this rapid survey solution. Online forms that are not powered by good and enticing content usually deter prospects from converting.

But by tapping the age-old marketing adage that teaches us to “give before you ask”, CyberSource has a great solution that helps them achieve better conversion rates.

By offering something of value first (automatic analysis, instant benchmarking) before asking for contact information, CyberSource is also able to net more high quality leads.

Do you have a similar kind of experience? Feel free to talk about it in the comments section.


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