SiTF Social Media Marketing Workshop P1: Anol

  • Marco

The recently concluded Social Media Workshop, which was organised by SiTF in partnership with GetIT Comms and Tata Communications, was a fascinating excursion into the fast-moving world of social media (for business), metrics and analytics.

The event was kick started with a welcome note from Roderick Chia (DMC Chairman) and a brief talk from Alex See Toh (Tata Communications). Opening with a declaration which insisted that he is not a “social media guru”, Anol sported a “no fluff, no preservatives” kind of vibe as he dived into an insightful walk-through of social media for Marketing.

Check out the video of Anol as he tackled B2Bento’s Quickstart Guide for Social Media, the importance of great content and several other key ideas relevant to establishing and maintaining your Social Media for Business.

Apart from the detailed guide, there were several key ideas that Anol addressed. And they are the following:

  • “Markets are conversations”
  • “Consumers have never been so connected – even in B2B”
  • “Conversations are happening with or without you – Be a part of it”
  • “Social Media does not replace your Marketing Strategy”
  • “Social Media is Earned Media”
  • “To err is human – It’s ok to make mistakes”
  • “Be interested in order to be interesting – read, read, read”
  • “It’s about being social”

To summarise, social media is a fantastic tool for your business and the great thing is that it’s not the only one. Your marketing strategies are still relevant even in this day and age. But the thing is, one must first realise that everything works well if you put a decent amount of time, thought, effort and passion into it. There are no instant and magical formulas when it comes to social media for business. But if you do things right then that medium can really do wonders for you.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 of the Social Media Workshop.


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