Recipes for Great Viral B2B Videos [#B2Bchat]

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Social media is littered with countless “close encounters of the viral kind”, with most of these encounters being videos that transcend cultural barriers and achieve both cult and pop status. B2C businesses have exploited this for several years now and reaped mostly positive results.


Which leads us to ask, can B2B video achieve the same impact as their B2C counterparts? And if so, then how can we make our videos go on to become viral hits – the Old Spice man being the most recent wild success?

In this week’s #B2BChat, we will attempt to answer those questions and more. Our conversation will delve into why B2C videos go viral and how can we adapt these aspects to our B2B content.

Here are some snapshots of our topics at hand:

  • When and where to use video for B2B marketing?
  • The pros and cons of in-house development versus out-sourcing
  • Are there any “secret recipes” that fuel successful B2B content?
  • Tools and techniques for pre and post production
  • Tapping the right distribution channels: answering “where” and “why”

Bring your opinions, experiences and questions for a lively discussion with other B2B marketers.

Join us for this week’s #B2Bchat on B2B Podcasting and Video, Thursday, July 22nd, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). Follow @B2B_chat for updates.


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