Recipes For Great B2B Videos [#B2Bchat Recap]

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It was great to be a part of this week’s #B2BChat. The topic was about creating great (if not yet viral) videos for B2B. The conversation was frenetic, informative and fun and it was indeed quite exciting to partake in an event such as this. There were several key points discussed and, as expected, the answers kept coming in at a hectic pace.

The chat revolved around several topics like scenarios where B2B videos can go viral, the advantages between slick or raw production styles, the differences between in-house and out-sourced content, techniques and “secret” recipes, etc.

This is a summary adapted from the complete transcript and if you want to read it you can just drop by here. Here are some highlights.

When and where do we use video for B2B marketing?

@billrobbSAP : My gripe is that u can’t “create a viral video”. u create a compelling video that hopefully ur community makes viral.

@martinehunter : training, testimonials, factory tours, case studies, product demos, production schematics, should be short, concise

@fearlesscomp : I believe customer videos need to be front and center on websites

@asuthosh : when video tells a compelling story, when customers are willing to be featured. When authenticity is key

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In-house development versus out-sourcing … what works best for video content?

@prdreamer : Depends on style. Slick corp. video should be outsourced to co. w/ skill set. Quick testimonials can B done in-house w/ Flip.

@chevypham : outsource for creative content, editing, production, but in-house editorial for appropriateness and relevancy.

@billymitchell1: Production value is driven by type of result desired – and budget limitations. Some of the best B2B video is very basic

Are there any secret recipes that fuel B2B video content?

@jeffery_toh: Good story telling is key! #b2bchat

@fearlesscomp: Don’t be boring. Don’t be slick. Don’t preach. Be real. Be fun. Be surprising.

@billrobbSAP: Reveal the funny, cool, juice immediately. Doing the trad buildup to punchline like in a TV ad doesn’t work.

@BrennerMichael: Sex sells!

@jeremyvictor:  Same as with any other content – connect with your buyer personas rationally, emotionally and logically

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What are the tools and techniques that you use or can suggest for pre and post production?

@SpideyJo : Tools – can be as simple as using Windows Movie Maker up to Adobe Premiere. Techniques : Good planning

@billymitchell1 : Voice, personality, humor, passion, sincerity, knowledge of subject and confidence. Video camera sees all.

Where can you post your B2B videos? White label hosting … YouTube … etc. And why there?

@prdreamer: Post em where the ppl are. I say YouTube. It’s easy and free for the video hosting. #b2bchat

@fearlesscomp: is a good site that posts to all, including YouTube

@b2bento: YouTube embed in webpage – pump up the SEO

To round it all up, it was a nice session as expected. Thanks to all who participated. Join us for next week’s #B2Bchat, Thursday, July 29, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, 8am Jul 30 SIN). Follow @B2B_chat for updates.

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July 26, 2010


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