3 vitamins for B2B marketing content

  • Asuthosh

vitamins_ It is said that content strategy is like vitamins to the B2B lead nurturing process. In the right doses and at the right time, good content can ensure your leads remain well-nourished throughout the nurturing life cycle. Presenting 3 vitamins to fortify your content:

Vitamin A addresses complexity in the buying process. Our recent video talked about it and can’t emphasise it enough – the B2B buyer’s needs are more complex and have extended buying lifecycles. Critically, their needs include that of their customers’ too. Good content should therefore provide extensive and valuable information right at the start of the buying cycle. Consider whitepaper, e-books and comparison chart, which can cover wide swathes of ground with just the right amount of depth to narrow their buying focus. More product or solution-specific content should address its applications and the business benefit/impact on customers (and their customers). Here are some suggestions for where your content can come from.

Vitamin B establish trust. It doesn’t end with that though. With complexity comes the need for high-touch interactions that are so essential to developing trust in the buyer-seller relationship. Consider sharing content like blog posts where you talk about latest developments and their impact on the industry, blog-based newsletters, tips and tricks, FAQs, webinars and the like though email or Twitter streams. That way you remain in their radar and over time establish yourself as thought leaders, thus cementing their trust.

Vitamin C is to be goal-oriented.  B2B purchases are driven by business goals and budgets. Thus content should be geared towards addressing business goals, and must communicate competence, and emphasize expertise and problem-solving abilities in your industry and solution field. Information should be actionable, and something they can take and run with and not spend time mulling over. Usually they don’t have the time for it either.

There are 13 vitamins in the real world, and surely there are more than just 3 ways to fortify your content. Tell us what else you would consider.


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February 16, 2011

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